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SLU-TECH Core Values

Before making any decision and implementing any solution,
SLU-TECH asks itself three crucial questions:



Is it right for the customer?
Is it right for Slu-Tech?

Is it Ethical?


Every company needs a set of values that it can live by and we live by these.



Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.  We are pleased to provide a summary of our services and company information. SLU-TECH Communications is a fully licensed and insured company specializing in surveillance system installation, service and maintenance.  We employe trained and certified technicians in all major brands of digital recorders and cameras.  We stock a wide varity of replacement equipment for quick and effiecent repairs.  For multiple site customers we can conduct site surveys to assure replacement inventory when needed as well as to create a uniform, consistent equipment inventory at each site. SLU-TECH understands the importance of reliable surveillance to limit potential inventory loss, theft prevention and as a general safety operation. 

Out technicians cover all of California, Las Vegas Nevada, and Western Arizona.  Our techs live near their service territory. We are continuing to grow – where do you need our service?   Response time is critical.  We strive to respond to service calls within 24 hrs.  Recorder and single camera system failures have precedence. All other service calls are responded to within 48 hours.  Southern California is our base of operation. 





We can advise, specify, install maintain and service the latest in CCTV Surveillance equipment. From Digital storage to web based monitoring are but a few on the solutions available today.


  • Video Security Systems
  • Security Cameras
  • Hidden Camera Solutions
  • Digital Video Recorders

  • Phone Support
    Troubleshooting the problem prior to taking action reduces unnecessary on-site service calls. If the problem can not be resolved over the phone, the failed component can more easily be identified increasing the likelihood of first time resolution. For some components, store personnel can self install with the help of our support staff, further reducing the need for on-site service.      

  • On-Site Service
    If the request can not be resolved over the phone and on-site service or installation is needed, we have a    network of field technicians. They can also be a helpful resource in removing and re-Installing equipment from closed locations.

  • Administrative Support
    Each customer is assigned a point person to oversee activity. Service requests can be received from your personnel and action taken based on specific guidelines. Periodic reports are generated so your department is aware of the activities without having to be involved, freeing up your internal staff.

  • Advanced Replacement
    Inventory can be maintained in our warehouse and shipped to the location for replacement. Once replaced, the failed unit is returned and evaluated for repair. If repaired the unit is placed back into your inventory for future use so future requests can be immediately addressed.



Travel $75.00   per hour (typical 1 hour / max 2 hours for remote locals unless prior approval is given for more time by you the customer)
Labor $75.00   per hour per tech (typical 1 tech)
Material at cost +20% (owner furnished accepted)
We want your business – Multiple sites pricing available - How can we be of service
New installs are quoted
** SLU-TECH also provides the following installation and repair services;
** Voice, Data, Network, CCTV, CATV, VSAT, DTV (continual on site service available)


We hope you will have a favorable response to this service opportunity.  If you should have any questions, please contact me at your earliest convenience
Larry Pierceall
Larry Pierceall – Operations Manager SLU-TECH


  • Equipment Removal and Reinstallation
    A national specialty retailer was attempting to reduce the problems encountered when removing equipment from stores that were closing. Procedures were established and a Customer Service Representative assigned to oversee the process. On the given date, on-site service arrives and checks out each component prior to removing. Each component is then packed in a custom shipping container that has been shipped in advance and returned to Slu-Tech to warehouse until needed. Once received, the items are placed into inventory until needed for future service calls. Monthly reports are sent to Loss Prevention enabling them to track this inventory.

  • Wireless Data Communications
    Whether you have a small 5 person office or a 15 building campus SLU-TECH can provide wireless data connectivity for your company. We are certified in several lines of wireless access points, outdoor bridge/routers and accessories. With these products we can extend the range of your cabled network, providing easy access to mobile users and difficult to wire locations. Our two most common implementations are as

  • Indoor Solutions
    No matter if you are in the conference room, your bosses office, or the warehouse, you will be able to retrieve the data you need from anywhere on your wireless LAN. Adding wireless access points allows you to expand your network without stretching your wired backbone. The wireless architecture can be built to support a wireless-to-wireless bridging. No matter the size of the office space or the amount of walls in your office, roaming users stay connected.

  • Outdoor Solutions
    Our outdoor solutions are designed for Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint applications, offering campus-wide connections between buildings for enterprises. These solutions provide a high speed data networking system for distances up to 25 miles. The best part of this is you do not have to sacrifice your existing fiber back bone. Outdoor wireless solutions work fantastic as redundant systems as well as a primary modes of connectivity. This also give you the flexibility to reposition your units as your campus changes.


951-788-7070 Ext 115
3672 Chicago Ste B
Riverside, Ca. 92507

Larry Pierceall
Operations Manager SLU-TECH